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    Double Headed Hydrant

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Size : Inlet 100mm with 63mm size two nos. female outlet
  • Material :LTB-2 of IS:318
  • Conforming Specification : IS 5290
  • Performance Test :
  • Hydrostatic (Body Test) : Tested at 21 Kgf/cm2
  • Water Tightness (Seat Test) : Tested at 14 Kgf/cm2
  • Flow Test : 1800 Liter at 7 Kgf/cm2

    Single Headed Hydrant

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Size : Inlet 75 / 80mm with 63mm size one no. female outlet Material : Leaded Tin Bronze of IS:318 Comforming Specification : IS 5290 Performance Test : Hydrostatic (Body Test) : Tested at 21 Kgf/cm2 Water Tightness (Seat Test) : Tested at 14 Kgf/cm2 Flow Test : 900 Liter at 7 Kgf/cm2

    Four way inlet breeching

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Consist of Four nos. 63mm Size (GM) Male Instantaneous coupling as per IS:903 Complete with NRV Performance Test : Hydrostatic Test (Body Test) :Tested at 21 Kgf/cm2

    Three way inlet1 breeching

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Consist of Three nos. 63mm Size (GM) Male Instantaneous coupling as per IS:903 Complete with NRV Performance Test : Hydrostatic Test (Body Test) :Tested at 21 Kgf/cm2

    Aquajet multipurpose

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Solid Jet and Fog facility simultaneously or independently
  • Special design gives low back Pressure
  • Durable light hard anodized construction
  • Straight Stream to Dense fog & flush without shut off
  • Ball Valve for flow control
  • Anti-Slop rubber molded pistol grip
  • 1/5”/2.5” male instantaneous / Storz / BSP or NH or NST threaded inlets available
  • NFPA 1964 compliant


  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Specially designed Dual Pressure Nozzle
  • At emergency mode (at low pressure), Nozzle maintains same performance
  • Durable light hard anodized construction
  • Sliding valves allow turbulence free flow
  • Straight stream to wide fog and flush without shut-off
  • Molded rubber bumper with flexible fog teeth creates thick fog pattern
  • Pistol grip handle designed for greater comfort and control to fire
  • 1/5”/2.5” male instantaneous / Storz / BSP or NH or NST threaded inlets available

    Fog nozzle

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Type – Jet and Fog
  • Material – Gunmetal
  • Operating Pressure – 10 bar
  • Finish – Natural Polish
  • As per IS:952

    Revolving branch

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Cast bronze construction
  • Size: 65, 80 or 100 mm flanged (2.5", 3" or 4")
  • Working pressure 2.0 to 12.0 bar (30 to 175 psi)
  • Flow at 2 bar 285 to 950 lpm
  • Coverage : 10 metres in diameter at 2 bar (30 psi)

    Short branch pipes

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Size : 63 mm
  • Sizes of Nozzles : 6mm, 12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm
  • Material :LTB-2 of IS:318
  • Conforming Specification : IS 903
  • Performance Test :
  • Hydrostatic (Body Test) : Tested at 21 Kgf/cm2
  • Other Range : 52 mm and 38 mm

    Hose box

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Size: 750 mm x 600 mm x 250 mm
  • Material :Mild Steel Sheet, Stainless Steel Sheet, Aluminium Sheet & FRP
  • Coating : P O Red Epoxy power coated
  • For accommodating 2 nos of 15 meter hose and One Branch Pipe
  • Double Door type with Locking Arrangement, Front Glass and Key
  • All sizes of Boxes / Frames fabricated as per customer specification

    Hose reel

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Size : Swinging 180° Wall Mounting
  • Sizes : Inlet 20mm (¾" BSP Thread Size)
  • Material :•Hub Sides & Wall Bracket -M.S. Sheet of IS:513 • Swivel Joint -LTB-2 of IS:318 • Pipe with Fitting -Steel of IS:1239 Part I • Branch Pipe with Nozzle -IS:8090 • Hose Reel Tubing -Hydraulic Rubber Hose Conf to IS:444
  • Conforming Specification : IS 884
  • Performance Test :
  • • Hydrostatic Test : Tested at 21 Kgf/cm2 • Range & Water Flow rate test at 7 Kgf/cm2 (A) Discharge : 24LPM (B) Range (Jet Length) : 6mtr(min)

    Mobile Foam Unit

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Slim line, Compact design
  • S.S.Tank
  • Low center of gravity, make steering easier
  • Mounted with Unit equipped with foam inductor, low expansion branch pipe,Fire Hoses
  • Suitable for all type of foam concentrates
  • Low Maintenance

    HI - ex foam generator(MK2)

  • Technical Specifications :-

    FRP tank

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Fiber glass tank of capacity 100 litres in yellow finish, Optional construction Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel tank of capacity upto 200 litres.
  • Light weight, Aerodynamically shaped
  • Two solid rubber wheels for easy maneuver by one person
  • Unit equipped with foam inductor, low expansion branch pipe, Fire Hoses
  • Mounted with aluminium or bronze inductor of capacity 225 / 450 lpm (60/120 gpm) and branch pipe
  • Suitable for all type of foam concentrates
  • Provision for mounting two fire hoses
  • Low Maintenance.


  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Size : 63mm
  • Material of Construction : Seamless Steel Tubes
  • Comforming Specification : IS 8442
  • Performance Test :
  • • Hydrostatic Test (Body Test) : Tested at 21 Kgf/cm2
  • • Discharge at working pressure 7 Kgf/cm2 : 1750LPM
  • • Range
  • Vertical -21mtr.
  • Horizontal-53mtr.
  • Rotation :
  • Vertical : 125° min. (80° Upward and 45°downward)
  • Horizontal : 360° in either direction

    Long range water monitor

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Ideal for Fixed Installation
  • Made out of Carbon Steel heavy duty seamless pipe, hot dip galvanized for Corrosion Resistance
  • Design that ensures ease of operation and maintenance
  • For High Volume Monitors, Horizontal and Vertical Movement is made with the Self Locking type enclosed Geared Swivel Joints with Worm and Worm Gear using Hand Wheel that ensures smooth and easy movement during ongoing operation of Monitor.
  • Monitor is capable of Horizontal Rotation of 360 Degrees and Vertical Traverse of + 90 Degrees to -45 Degrees
  • Flanged Inlet – Dimensions as per Requirement
  • Available with variety of Nozzles – Solid Bore Jet Nozzle, Hollow Jet-Fog Nozzle and Self Inducting Aqua Foam Nozzle
  • Nozzle Material of Construction is available in Aluminium Alloy, Stainless Steel and Gunmetal


  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Standard and quick response with standard & extended coverage
  • Upright mounting
  • Temperature rating : 57°, 68°, 79°& 93°C
  • K-factor 5.6 and 4.2
  • Brass, Chrome or White/ custom colour finish
  • UL Listed

    Fire Alarm Contral Panel

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Two Loop Control Panel, 230Vac, 2 sounder circuits. Dims 391.5 x 390 x 147mm (H x W x D)
  • The DX Connexion is an enhancement of the Morley-IAS Dimension panel range, connecting the traditional Morley-IAS qualities of reliability, flexibility and value with advanced features and intuitive functionality.
  • The multi-protocol DX Connexion range of fire alarm control panels has been developed to be the most time effi cient fi re panel on the market to install. DXc Control panels are supplied without zone LEDs.
  • In order to connect panels together to create a network a DXc Network card and DXc Control panels are supplied without zone LEDs.

    Smoke and multi-criteria fire detector

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Unique, true three sensor multi-criteria fire detector incorporating photoelectric, thermal and IR sensing elements
  • Fully integrated Infra Red Sensing to support the fire alarm decision
  • Available with or without single pole short circuit isolation with status control through the Series 200 Advanced Protocol
  • 100% mechanical and electrical backwards compatibility

    Optical beam smoke detectors

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • The 6500RS and 6500R are conventional reflector- type linear optical beam smoke detectors designed to operate as a component of a conventional fire alarm system. They operate primarily on the principle of light obscuration utilising an infra-red beam. Optical beam smoke detectors are particularly appropriate for protecting buildings with large open spaces such as warehouses, atriums etc. Download the System Sensor datasheet
  • • Combined transmitter and receiver unit
  • • Range 10–100 metres
  • • 4 x fixed sensitivity/threshold levels
  • • Numerical indicators to aid beam alignment
  • • Standby, fault and alarm LED indicators visible from the front and bottom
  • • ±10° horizontal and vertical beam alignment
  • • Automatic drift compensation

    Manual call point

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • Flush call point with 470 Ohm resistor and N.O. contact. Complete with glass.
  • A simple modular design introduces plug-in terminations to the MCP series installation process. First fix installation permits all field wiring to be terminated to the plug, whilst the fascia element and lid are kept out of harms way. To help the installer further, a simple loop continuity device is included to aid checking of loop wiring before connection to the MCP and the fire alarm system. This new, standard, conventional, break glass offers both clean and monitored contacts in the same housing.
  • Click here to download KAC datasheet (Ref: MCP/Red Version/ MCP1)
  • - Plug-in terminations
  • - Improved aesthetics
  • - Monitored or clean contacts
  • - Anti-tamper features
  • - Interchangeable glass or re-settable elements
  • - Integrated design
  • -
  • Single maintenan

    Sounder Strobes

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • High quality loop powered device designed to alert building occupants of an emergency. Featuring fast and simple installation and control it is powered by the fire panel via the loop wiring. Control of the device is enabled using on-board switches or via the digital protocol using the control panel.
  • WSO-PR-N00 - Red Wall Mount Sounder, with pure white skirt - non isolated.
  • WSO-PR-I00 - Red Wall Mount Sounder, with pure white skirt - isolated.
  • The range is installed simply by a twist fit onto the B501AP base.

    Single Channel Input Module

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • The MI-DMMI and MI-DMM2I monitor modules are used with the Morley-IAS intelligent fire alarm control panels to provide a single or dual input circuit from external devices. Each input is continuously monitored for normal, open circuit and alarm conditions. Changes to the status of the input circuits are communicated to the panel where the appropriate actions may be undertaken. The MI-DMMI requires a single address and the MI-DMM2I two addresses of the ninety-nine possible module addresses available on a loop. It responds to regular polling from the control panel indicated by a pulsing LED every successful communication. The MI-DMMI and MI-DMM2I use a unique mechanical design allowing each module to be mounted either in a wall box (M200E-SMB) or on a DIN rail (using M200E-DIN). Irrespective of the mounting method chosen, the address switch is both visible and accessible for selection. To help engineers in the maintenance and fault finding process, both the LEDs and the address switches can be viewed without having to remove the cover of the mountng box. The LEDs, being multi colour, provide diagnostic information regarding the status of the output. For ease of installation, testing and maintenance, the field wiring terminals are of a plug in design.

    Micro monitor module

  • Technical Specifications :-
  • The Morley-IAS micro monitor module is used in conjunction with the ZX series intelligent multi protocol fire alarm control panels, provides an interface between the normally-open contact alarm initiating devices. Though the module can be used to monitor an entire zone circuit, it is ideally suited for monitoring single devices. The module is small nough to fit inside a single-gang junction box behind the device being monitored. The small size and lightweight allow it to be installed without the need to be rigidly mounted. Used to monitor a single device or a zone of 4-wire smoke detectors, manual call points or pull stations, waterflow devices, or other normally open dry-contact devices. A 47K Ohm end-of-line resistor (provided) terminates the circuit. Controls include two rotary switches for direct dial entry of DECADE address (01-99). Each module uses one of 99 available module addresses on loop. It responds to regular polls from the control panel and reports its type and the status (open/normal/ short) of its zone.

    Typical System Schematic

  • Technical Specifications :-

Dry Powder Stored Pressure Type

Dry Powder Cartridge Type

CO2 Type

CO2 Type

Mechanical Foam (Stored Pressure)

Mechanical Foam (Cartridge Type)

Water Type (Stored Pressure)

Water Type (Cartridge Type)

Clean Agent/h3>

Dry Powder/Clean Agent Modular Type

Dry Powder Higher Capacity

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